“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” 
~ William Shakespeare


Tender Years Learning Center

Parent’s Testimonials

Sofia, Mom & Dad...learning, growing, having fun, and feeling loved. It has been the perfect place for our daughter’s first school experience... You cannot beat Tender Years.

— Angela D. & Francesco, Cumberland












Jack & Mom...The well-developed curriculum and loving staff are the perfect combination to create an environment for him to learn, explore and thrive. It has been a tremendous journey and we know he will be well prepared for Kindergarten.

— Jill H., Cumberland






Kristin C....seeking a nurturing environment with a smaller child/teacher ratio. In just a few months we’ve seen our daughter change from anxious and reluctant about going to school, to excited and happy every day. Tender Years has provided her not only with a safe and caring, learning environment, but has given her the tools she needed to develop good friendships with the other children and her teachers. We couldn’t be happier with Tender Years.

— Kristin C., Westbrook





Ryan & Mom...with anxiety about learning and fear of bullying. After 5 short months, he left happy, confidant, with many friends and excited for Kindergarten. The Tender Years staff gave both of my sons the gifts of their patience, praise, enthusiasm and creativity which has been the formula for success for both. I can’t say enough about how happy we have been with the Tender Years experience.

We owe the success our son has experienced in Kindergarten to the Tender Years staff. Thank you so much for taking us in and supporting our entire family through the process of Kindergarten readiness.

— Jamie H., North Yarmouth



Tender Years Learning Center...she is so excited to go to school and see her friends and teachers. She always brings home amazing art projects and has lots of stories to tell about her day. We feel very fortunate to have found such a creative and nurturing place for her to begin her school years.

— Andrea H., No. Yarmouth




Tender Years Learning Center...that he has attended Tender Years! He looks forward to being there each day, has cultivated a trusting relationship with his teachers, and has been supported with developing a love of learning that will serve him throughout his school career. I am thankful each day for the warm, supportive environment and the thoughtful, challenging preschool curriculum.

— Jessica V., Falmouth





Tender Years Learning Center...positive words about Karen and her staff. Karen has gone above and beyond in helping our family support our children through her input on learning styles as well as her flexibility with our changing schedules. Karen adds that extra special touch and it really shines through in all the educational and social activities!!

— Ellen T. , Cumberland Foreside






...the staff at Tender Years was always patient and nurturing. They remained positive and upbeat and although the transition from home to school was difficult, the outcome was wonderful. Our daughter now looks forward to school every day. Outside there is a wonderful, safe, fenced in playground that the children can't seem to get enough of. Inside the physical space is bright and clean. The Staff is continually changing the decor based on various themes. You really get a good feeling just walking in. The staff is always patient and has the best interest of the children at heart. Learning is structured and always presented in a fun way. Communication about what the children are studying (even the songs they are learning) is done through a very thorough and always colorful monthly newsletter. Numerous times throughout the year Tender Years plans extra events (ice cream social, pancake breakfast, Holiday party). The events often involve a performance from the children. This gives the families a chance to get to know one another and the children a chance to show off what they have learned. We will always have very fond memories of the two years we spent with the Tender Years family!!

— Dan and Judy Roberts, Cumberland

...I find that the excellent staff provides a caring, nurturing and safe environment for my children while they learn. The staff is always approachable and is in touch with what my children need to transition into Kindergarten. Karen and her staff are always finding positive ways to engage the children and keep them excited about learning. I would recommend Tender Years to anyone looking for a progressive preschool, that stays in touch with my needs as a parent and my children's needs.

— Kim M, Cumberland

...the structure and pre-school program leave me with no question about whether he will be ready for kindergarten — socially and academically. The curriculum is rich and exciting, and the structure keeps our son connected and engaged. We love all of the great projects and fun field trips, and appreciate the professionalism of the staff. The flexible scheduling they offer has been a gift as well.

— Beth G., North Yarmouth

...my daughter is now finishing up her second year. They both have had wonderful experiences from the caring staff, exciting program themes and a variety of field trips. Beyond teaching the basics, they also incorporate many subjects that you might not expect preschoolers to be learning such as sign language, foreign languages and aspects of different cultures and customs. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed their time spent at Tender Years and I would strongly recommend this preschool to anyone looking for one for their children.

— Chris S., North Yarmouth

...and loved it.  My 8-year-old still talks about his experiences with his sister and fills her in on what she can expect.  The Tender Years curriculum is not just letters and numbers. The children also learn about the world around them by studying dinosaurs, the arctic, and Native American culture. It's the creative extras that make Tender Years such a fantastic place for a child to grow and learn.

— Amy B., North Yarmouth

...more than satisfied with our child’s experience at Tender Years.  Since school began last fall, our son has vastly improved his verbal skills as well as everyday tasks such as dressing himself.  He is constantly singing songs he learns from schools and volunteers great tidbits of information such as Panda bears have thumbs. This is obviously reflective of an environment that is conducive to learning as well as confidence building.

Also, your staff was tremendous in the transition from stay at home kid to school kid.  The way he speaks of his teachers, is with respect, affection and trust.  They were also very patient and supportive of us, parents who weren’t sure when or how to finally ‘cut the cord’.

— Jen and Don M., North Yarmouth

...Mrs. B. was great at nurturing his imagination and curiosity. He always came home talking about new facts he had learned through experiential, hands-on activities. He was very prepared for kindergarten, with strong friendships that continue today. I am continually impressed with how multi-cultural studies are interwoven in the monthly theme.

— Jeanne M., Cumberland

Tender Years Learning Center...for our daughter between daycare and Kindergarten for our daughter between daycare and Kindergarten. She loves "school" and all of the interesting projects they do and learn. She has come home singing Chinese and Spanish songs. She watched the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. She recently learned the planets in the solar system. The educational material the children learn is challenging and keeps them intrigued and wanting more covering every aspect a pre-school child will encounter. For instance, our daughter is extremely shy and to hear she enjoyed being the "Leader of the Day", shared what is in her share bag and enjoyed working with children outside her typical group of friends during "Partner Time" is so rewarding to us. TY has an amazing staff the children love and respect. We feel fortunate to have been able experience all TY offers and are thankful to a part of the Tender Years family.

— Peter and Connie E., North Yarmouth

...My daughter is respected, listened to, hugged, and is appreciated for what she brings to the preschool setting. I think all students that attend Tender Years are embraced as gifts by the teachers and they truly convey that in the attention they give to each child. In addition, my daughter loves the learning portion of the day and daily creative projects. Her world is definitely enriched by Tender Years. For that, I am grateful.

— Joannie I., Cumberland